Image by topupthetea

Away from Home are some and I - 
An Emigrant to be
In a Metropolis of Homes
Is easy, possibly -

The Habit of a Foreign Sky
We - difficult - aquire
As Children, who remain in Face
The more their Feet retire.


Image by me, Clarendon, QC, Sept 2011

Sunset that screens, reveals -
Enhancing what we see
By menaces of Amethyst
And Moats of Mystery.


Image by emmakatka

Sometimes with the Heart
Seldom with the Soul
Scarcer once with the Might
Few - love at all.


Image taken by me, Summer 2009, Shawville, QC

Pink - small - and punctual - 
Aromatic - low - 
Covert - in April - 
Candid - in May - 
Dear to the Moss - 
Known to the Knoll - 
Next to the Robin
In every human Soul - 
Bold little Beauty
Bedecked with thee
Nature forswears
Antiquity - 


He scanned it - staggered - 
Dropped the Loop
To Past or Period - 
Caught helpless at a sense as if
His Mind were going blind - 

Groped up, to see if God was there - 
Groped backward at Himself
Caressed a Trigger absently
And wandered out of Life.


Image from Flickr

He gave away his Life - 
To Us - Gigantic Sum - 
A trifle - in his own esteem - 
But magnified - by Fame - 

Until it burst the Hearts
That fancied they could hold - 
When swift it slipped its limit - 
And on the Heavens - unrolled - 

'Tis Ours - to wince - and weep - 
And wonder - and decay
By Blossoms gradual process - 
He chose - Maturity - 

And quickening - as we sowed - 
Just obviated Bud - 
And when We turned to note the Growth - 
Broke - perfect - from the Pod - 


Image from Flickr

Bereaved of all, I went abroad - 
No less bereaved was I
Upon a new Peninsula - 
The Grave preceded me - 

Obtained my Lodgings, ere myself - 
And when I sought my Bed - 
The Grave it was reposed upon
The Pillow for my Head - 

I waked to find it first awake - 
I rose - It followed me - 
I tried to drop it in the Crowd - 
To lose it in the Sea - 

In Cups of artificial Drowse
To steep its shape away - 
The Grave - was finished - but the Spade
Remained in Memory -


Image from dreaming

I sing to use the Waiting
My Bonnet but to tie
And shut the Door unto my House
No more to do have I

Till His best step approaching
We journey to the Day
And tell each other how We sung
To Keep the Dark away.


Image from dreaming

When Diamonds are a Legend,
And Diadems - a Tale - 
I Brooch and Earrings for Myself,
Do sow, and Raise for sale - 

And tho' I'm scarce accounted,
My Art, a Summer Day - had Patrons - 
Once - it was a Queen - 
And once - a Butterfly - 


Image from dreaming

I have a bird in spring
Which for myself doth sing - 
The spring decoys.
And as the summer nears - 
And as the Rose appears,
Robin is gone.

Yet do I not repine
Knowing that Bird of mine
Though flown - 
Learneth beyond the sea
Melody new for me
And will return.

Fast in a safer hand
Held in a truer Land
Are mine - 
And though they now depart,
Tell I my doubting heart
They're thine.

In a serener Bright,
In a more golden light
I see
Each little doubt and fear,
Each little discord here

Then I will not repine,
Knowing that Bird of mine
Though flown
Shall in distant tree
Bright melody for me